6 Best Diets for Weight Loss After 50


If you're unfamiliar with the DASH diet, it stands for "dietary approaches to stop hypertension.

Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet shines a spotlight on heart-healthy fats and plant-based foods. 

The Mayo Clinic Diet

You can eat fruits, veggies, healthy fats, and whole grains on the Mayo Clinic Diet.

High-Protein Diet

As you age, your muscle mass decreases, slowing your metabolism and leading to unwanted weight gain.

The 80/20 Diet

When following the 80/20 diet, you'll consume nutrient-dense, wholesome foods 80% of the time.

Low-Carb Diet

Last but not least, a low-carb diet for individuals over 50 who want to lose weight, considering your body's response to carbs isn't as favorable during this stage of life. 

The Mediterranean Diet: Anti-Inflammatory Snacks