6 Easy Frittata Recipes That Are Perfect for Weight Loss

Healthy Loaded Vegetable Frittata Recipe

Packed with veggies, this stunning frittata recipe uses egg whites and whole eggs for maximum fluffiness.

Air Fryer Egg White Frittata

Your trusty air fryer makes a frittata in minutes with little to no oil. You can eat this superfood-packed dish anytime.

Light Sausage and Mushroom Frittata Recipe

Smoky andouille sausage, sweet caramelized onion, and mushrooms make this a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Healthy Spring Vegetable Frittata Recipe

This recipe combines fresh spring vegetables, asparagus, peppers, and leeks, which are now commonly available year-round.

Easy Frittata With Arugula and Red Peppers Recipe

Packed with flavor, this frittata recipe is just as good reheated throughout the week as it is when it's first made. 

Loaded Veggie Avocado Frittatas

This simple recipe combines the healthy power of quinoa with eggs and whatever else you have lying around. 

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