6 Inflammatory Breakfast Foods You'll Want To Avoid

Processed red meats

These compounds have been linked to higher levels of inflammation and traced back to chronic disease and specific types of cancer.

White bread

Swap your white flour options out for wheat-based breakfasts, and you are already well on your way to lowering inflammation.


If you regularly rely on them for a quick energy boost in the mornings, it might be time to trade them out for something more balanced.

Sugary cereal

Instead, opt for more balance by choosing higher-fiber and higher-protein options to prevent blood sugar swings and help your body digest the carbs you're consuming. 

Flavored lattes

Too many added sugars may contribute to inflammation, so sticking to a classic latte with milk, coffee, and a sprinkle of cinnamon will be a better choice.


Many muffins are loaded with added sugar, saturated fat, and other pro-inflammatory ingredients.

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