Anti-Inflammatory  Dinner Plan

Dijon Salmon with Green Bean Pilaf

In this quick dinner recipe, the delicious garlicky-mustardy mayo that tops baked salmon is very versatile. 

Garlic Roasted Salmon and Brussel Sprouts

Roasting salmon on top of Brussels sprouts and garlic, flavored with wine and fresh oregano, is simple enough for a weeknight meal yet sophisticated enough to serve to company. 

Sheet-Pan Roasted Salmon & Vegetables

This dish is packed with flavor and fits perfectly into a Mediterranean diet.

Chicken Quinoa Fried Rice

Regular fried rice gets a protein boost when rice is swapped for quinoa in this healthy dinner recipe. 

Skillet Lemon Chicken with Potatoes & Kale

Juicy chicken thighs are cooked in the same pan as baby potatoes and kale for a satisfying meal with the added bonus of minimal cleanup.

Chicken Souvlaki with Herbed Couscous

The kabobs are perfectly paired with a veggie-packed, yogurt-dressed Israeli couscous.

The Mediterranean Diet: Anti-Inflammatory Snacks