Best Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Skillet Eggs with Tomatillos & Spinach

In this nutritious skillet dish, eggs are cooked in a combination of tomatillos, spinach, and seasonings.

Sichuan Ramen Cup of Noodles with Cabbage 

 This mason jar soup recipe in the manner of cup-of-noodles utilizes a combination of spicy chile paste.

Edamame Hummus Wrap

This simple hummus recipe, which substitutes protein-rich edamame for chickpeas, is an ideal vegetarian filling for a portable tortilla. 

Kale & Lentil Stew with Mashed Potatoes

The incorporation of pureed potatoes imparts an inverted shepherd's pie aesthetic to this dish.

Salmon Rice Bowl

Trying to reduce your carb intake? Consider substituting cauliflower raked in rice for the brown rice.

Rainbow Frittata

This delectable frittata is stuffed with an assortment of vibrant vegetables and heart-healthy, omega-3-enriched eggs. 

The Mediterranean Diet: Anti-Inflammatory Snacks