The 6 Best Snack Ideas If You Have Diabetes

Cranberry-Almond Granola Bars

There are plenty of granola bar options at the grocery store, but they're also easy (and often healthier) to make at home.

Pressure-Cooker Hummus

Cooking chickpeas from scratch is the best way to make your own hummus, but it can take hours to soak and cook them yourself. Enter the pressure cooker.

Toasted Paprika Chickpe

They're delicious as a snack but also make a wonderful salad topping.

Tuna Salad Spread

These aromatic spiced nuts are ideal for incorporating into a cheese board, nibbling on, or presenting as a miniature appetizer.

Avocado & Salsa Cracker

A whole grain crispbread is adorned with a piquant Southwest-inspired topping composed of avocado and salsa.

Roasted Buffalo Chickpeas

The act of submerging chickpeas in a vinegary spicy sauce imparts them with a delectable tang prior to roasting them. 

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